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HHSPS Boat Handling Seminars

HHSPS boat handling serminars cover anchoring, boat handling under power, emergencies on board, and partner in command topics.

Anchoring Seminar

anchoringThe Anchoring Seminar has been prepared to assist boaters in understanding the issues and problems involving the theories of anchor weight, the methods used to anchor, and the choices of anchor types for the area of boating. The slides and notations on anchoring are intended to raise awareness of the need for correct anchor choices and the mechanics of proper anchoring techniques.

The knowledge gained from completing this seminar will increase the student’s understanding of the conditions and situations involved in anchoring a boat and the need for a proper anchor choice.

The kit includes the Anchoring Quick Guide and Anchoring Seminar booklet.

Boat Handling Under Power Seminar

boat-handlingThis seminar shows boaters how to depart and dock under a variety of conditions as well as all about trimming the boat underway. Most of us are not as comfortable handling a boat as we would like to be.

Learn and practice techniques for leaving the dock, returning to the dock, and handling while underway. This seminar includes an on the water component. The seminar materials include a waterproof USPS Captain's Quick Guide and Student Notes on boat handling.

Emergencies on Board Seminar


This seminar is designed to prepare the prudent skipper for those unfortunate situations involving accidents and emergencies on board. It will provide the skipper with the information to prepare adequately for common emergencies and how to actually deal with them when they occur.

Topics such as preventing accidents, running aground, fire, getting lost, towing, medical conditions, as well as other often-encountered emergencies are covered. The seminar comes with the Emergencies on Board Quick Guide—a handy reference to use in responding to emergency situations.

Each student also receives a full color Student Guide for the seminar.

Partners in Command Seminar


This seminar provides an introduction to boating for crew members who need basic information and who may or may not have taken a boating course. It is designed to provide essential information one may require to assist a skipper in the safe operation of a recreational boat. Included in the seminar are actions in response to emergencies. A Knot Board will be useful to practice tying knots. This seminar includes a text.

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