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Hilton Head Sail Power Squadron History


Hilton Head Island has been settled since the early 1700's and was at its all time greatest population during the Civil War (Headquarters of The Army of the South). Hilton Head did not become the growing community it now is until 1956, when a bridge was built to the mainland. Even as recently as 1974, there were no traffic lights on the island.

Hilton Head Power Squadron
Chartered In 1988

In the mid 1980's, with the population passing 10,000, there was an obvious need for educating the many boaters of the island and the surrounding area, in seamanship and other advanced boating skills.

Starting Hilton Head Power Squadron

Four long-time Power Squadron members, P/D/C Bob Gephart, former SEO (Dr) Bill Barclay, Bob Peters and Jack Purcell, all transplants from other parts of the country and members of Beaufort Power Squadron, took the lead and organized the first on-island boating courses. They also provided the instruction for these courses.

As the decade progressed, other USPS members moved to Hilton Head Island and joined in the efforts to provide boating eduation. Together with the first graduates of the boating course (many of whom had by now taken advanced courses both in the town and in Beaufort), the intial boating education was delivered. During this period, the district commander and Bob Peter, who had become the commander of Beaufort squadron, asked P/D/C Bob Gephart and P/C Lowell Ward to organize a "division" of Beaufort Squadron, with the aim of securing a charter. This started the effort to charter the Hilton Head Power Squadron.


Hilton Head Power Squadron Charter

Hilton Head Sail & Power Squadron (HHSPS) was formally chartered in 1988 as Hilton Head Power Squadron. Its membership drawn from southern Beaufort County -- from Hilton Head Island to Sun City. In 2000, it was renamed "... Sail and Power Squadron", in recognition that its membership included many boat owners of both types of vessel. We welcome all visitors to this site and hope in its pages, to tell its story and perhaps bring some of you to enjoy our camaraderie, participate in our activities, adding your skills and talents to our civic endeavors.



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