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HHSPS Social Activities


Social events are a very important part of the Hilton Head Sail & Power Squadron. Our social events range from dinners to boating cruises.

Some of our boating cruises have destinations that can be reached by boat or by driving. So we have dinners, luncheons, picnics, parties, new member get togethers, and community based events.

HHSPS Dinners

Except for the summer period, we usually have at least one social event a month. Although there are a few months where we do not have a dinner, in most months there is a dinner or a luncheon. Our HHSPS dinners are typically on a Monday night starting at 18:30 with a social hour, followed by dinner at 19:30. We usually invite a guest speaker for our dinners and they will discuss topics related to boating, oceans, rivers, lakes, or marine life. Here are more details about our HHSPS Dinner Meetings.

Merit Mark Picnic

Early in the summer, we recognize all of our USPS Merit Mark winners from the past year. This event is a picnic with a cook out, so it's a very informal social event. It's always well attended and it gives everyone a chance to catch up with what's happening on the water an off it.

HHSPS Change of Watch

In the fall, the Hilton Head Sail & Power Squadron installs the officers for the coming year. This is a more formal event, with black tie as optional dress. It always includes a fine dinner and our members have a great time.

HHSPS Christmas Party

During Christmas, we have a Christmas party. This is a dinner that doesn't have a gusest speaker, it's focused more on the holiday season. We usually have some music, typically a choir. It's a great way to kick off your holiday season.

Boating Cruises

Cruises and rendezvous events highlight on-the-water activities and complement shore side events like dinner parties and educational programs. Enjoy friendship and camaraderie on-the-water and off, with fellow members who are skilled and knowledgeable in boating. Whereever possilbe, we plan a boating destination that will allow our members to drive to it also. In that case, we usually have a dinner or a luncheon. We also have overnight cruises, with social activies as a part of these cruises.

While many of our boating crusies are for HHSPS members only, we also plan joint boating cruises with other USPS Squadrons and local yacht clubs. In these cases, particpants will be both HHSPS members and other indviduals or guests.

USPS District Meetings

From time to time, we host USPS district meetings. While these meetings have a business focus,they also include social events and actiivities. Our members are invited to particpate in these social events.

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